This is the Home of the New NetRoofer proposal Apps platform. You can use one of our proposals (standard) or submit your “own special” proposal (custom) and we’ll convert it into a Dynamic Digital App – “Phone Bone” proposal for your phone!

“Phone Bone” is a silly term we created to help you remember to start using your Smart-Phone to earn business in 2020!
* Proposal/Contracts
* Customized Company PDF Marketing
* Sling it all from your phone…

You’ll look really cool!

Before your competition can fold a “paper contract airplane” at the kitchen table you can deliver your dynamic app proposal anywhere on the planet. One-click and your office, the client, owner/sales manager, and customer relatives get your beautifully produced inspection/proposal with annotated pictures and video or audio attached.

Fill in the blanks on your phone screen and the phone spits out your exact contract with pictures and audio if you like… You gotta be kidding? No, we’re not! That’s how it works.

Best of all is that these digital proposals are Texas HB 2102 and 2103 compliant and have space for the client to confirm the info was explained to them.

Be sure to watch the App video at the bottom of the page, it’s not the future, it’s NOW!

This is what the phone puts out. The customer signs on your phone or tablet.

The Texas HB2102 and 2103 formatted into your proposal.

Add and annotate unlimited pictures and 30 second “House Condition Snippet” videos.
Share the images for impact with customers, videos go to the company server for safe-keeping.

Pictures help everything!

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